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Steel strip positioning in the coating line

Prevent unplanned downtime in the coating line.

Monitor the exact position of the steel or metal strip at any time - with radar.

With our reliable radar solution, you will benefit from a precise inline position control of the steel or metal strip in your coating line. Our radar sensors work error-free even in the most difficult environments of the metal industry with heat, dust, smoke, steam, vibrations, noise, adverse lighting conditions or rough surfaces. Thanks to our innovative radar technology, you will successfully prevent collision-related damages to the metal strip or the coating line and thus eliminate unplanned downtime, high maintenance and repair costs and loss of production.

Measuring principle: position control of the steel strip with radar
Height control of the steel strip in the coating line. ©Mr.1 - Shutterstock

Steel strip height control with radar

For a productive color coating line

For a zero-defect coating process in the coating line, it is important to continuously determine and correct the precise position of the steel strip. The OndoSense apex coating radar solution was specially developed for this application: It enables an error-free inline position control of the steel or aluminum strip. The radar system is suitable for all surface textures, colors and metals. Both freshly painted strips and high-gloss products are reliably detected. The sensor system thus enables a reliable tension control at all times, ensuring an efficient functioning of the color coating line.

Our sensor system is based on high-precision radar technology that is insensitive to heat, dust, smoke, steam, vibration, noise, difficult lighting conditions or rough surfaces. OndoSense radar sensors are therefore able to supply your coating line with reliable measurement values in every situation.

Exact steel strip position: up to 1 mm

No measurement errors and unplanned downtime

For safety reasons, the distance measurement to the steel strip is carried out redundantly with two sensors on both sides of the strip. Our sensor solution determines the position of the steel or aluminum strip for correct height adjustment with an accuracy of up to 1 mm. Thanks to the high measurement rate, the radar sensors will detect anomalies at an early stage: This means that the system control can immediately intervene to correct the coating process.

With the OndoSense sensor solution, measurement errors that lead to faulty steel strip settings are once and for all a thing of the past. Thanks to our extremely reliable radar technology, you will successfully ward off collision-related damages to the metal strip or the coating line. You can finally say goodbye to unplanned downtime, high maintenance expenditures, costly production failures and annoying repair costs.

Height control of the steel strip in the coating line. ©jovannig - Adobe Stock

Your added value

with OndoSense radar technology

Higher productivity

Our radar system enables reliable measurement values - regardless of color, surface or metal type. You benefit from a safer, more productive system and prevent scrap.

Lower integration costs

Our sensors are compatible with numerous interfaces that have been tried and tested in the industry. In addition, radar sensors are insensitive to dust, smoke, steam and noise – even in poor lighting conditions.

Reduced energy costs & connection effort

Our radar system does not need active cooling – a heat-resistant glass or PTFE window in front of the sensor is sufficient.

Higher plant availability

OndoSense radar sensors always measure reliably, even on rough and smooth surfaces or with heat and vibrations. This prevents collisions and expensive downtime.

Customers in the metal industry

What customers say

We were able to integrate the OndoSense radar technology into our coating line with very little effort. Since then, we have not recorded any more unplanned downtime and have been able to significantly increase our plant productivity! OndoSense convinced us with its professional competence and responsiveness. We are impressed by the radar solution from OndoSense and can recommend it unreservedly.

Manager of the color coating line

Technical data

OndoSense apex Coating

Opening angle radar beam

4 °

Blind range

10 cm

Measurement accuracy

1 mm

Measurement frequency

100 Hz


Analog current loop (4–20 mA), digital switching outputs (3x push-pull), serial (RS485), Profinet (via gateway)

Measurement range

0.1 – 8 m

Protection class

IP67 / IP69K

Ambient temperature

-40 to +70°C

Robust radar technology

Insensitive to dust, smoke, steam, vibration, heat, difficult lighting conditions

Interested in our radar solution? Contact us now.

We will work out the optimal integration of your radar solution – in just three steps.

1. Integration concept

Our experts will work with you to develop a tailor-made integration concept based on your individual plant design.


2. Delivery in 7 days

We will deliver the OndoSense apex Coating radar sensors to you within 7 days – incl. accessories, mounting plates and configuration software.

3. Installation & support

You benefit from easy commissioning – usually within a day. If required, our experts will be happy to support you remotely or on site.