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Radar solution for precise bulk dosing through height measurement on the conveyor.

In the dynamic batch dosing of additives for the production of fertilizer, food or cement, the exact mixing ratio is crucial to achieve optimum product quality. However, conventional measurement techniques – such as gravimetric measurement – are often too inaccurate to determine the flow rate of granulate, powder or other bulk material. Our radar solution enables a high-precision determination of bulk solid dosing: The radar sensors are able to measure the height of the bulk material (fertilizer, seeds, feed, sand, gravel, or plastic granulate) on the conveyor belt with sub-millimeter accuracy.

The radar measurement is independent of dust, vibration as well as the flow properties of the bulk solid. In addition, our radar sensors require very little maintenance and are extremely robust (ingress protection IP67). Tedious, constant calibrations or the wrong dosages due to incorrect operation are therefore a thing of the past. Benefit from our radar solution for the precise batch dosing of bulk solids on the conveyor belt through high-precision height measurement.

Your added value with radar


Precise dosing for highest quality.

  • Maximum product quality due to accurate dosing of bulk solids through ultra-precise height measurement on the conveyor belt.
  • Non-contact, damage-free measurement without mechanical impact on the bulk material.


Measures error-free in any environment.

  • Our radar sensor is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Dust fog, smoke or rain are not an issue.
  • Vibrations, positive or negative pressure also have no effect on the measurement.


Minimal maintenance costs with radar.

  • Reduced maintenance costs: Radar has no moving parts, works contactless and requires almost no cleaning.
  • Very little calibration required: Our radar provides extremely stable measurements over a long period of time — unlike gravimetric measurements.

Application data conveyor height measurement

Bulk height dosing on conveyor

Measurement accuracy

Sub-millimeter accuracy

Measurement range

0.2 to 1.4 m


up to 100 Hz

Possible environmental conditions

Indoor and outdoor use (protection class IP67), heavy dust, vibrations, rain, snow, smoke, fog, heat, cold, extreme lighting conditions, etc.

Measured product

Granulate, powder and other bulk solids – e. g.: fertilizers (organic and inorganic), grain, seeds, sugar, salt, animal feed, plastic granulate, sand or gravel

Application focus

Farming, fertilizer and feed production, food and packaging industry, mining, cement industry

Suitable radar sensors

OndoSense apex

Radar sensor for distance measurements with the highest precision and speed as well as a narrow opening angle for exact measurement results.

Customers in farming & agriculture

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