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Continuous monitoring of bridge condition for structural safety - with radar sensors.

Bridge monitoring is an important task as many bridges around the world are in critical condition. More and more bridges on motorways, train routes or in cities must be regularly checked for structural integrity to ensure the bridge is safe for traffic. Reliable and cost-effective solutions for continuous bridge monitoring are necessary to obtain dependable data on the condition of bridges.

A safe way to determine the bridge condition and stress is the sensor-based monitoring of vibrations and sagging when the bridge is crossed by heavy vehicles. Our reliable radar sensors record the vibrations of the bridge with a high sampling rate and an accuracy of up to 20 µm. The sensor is simply mounted below the bridge and then continuously measures the distance to the ground – e. g. the road surface. Through the variation of the distance value, the radar sensor can then detect even the smallest vibrations in the bridge with high accuracy. With our robust radar technology, the bridge condition can be continuously monitored in any weather – e. g. rain, snow, fog or strong temperature fluctuations. As a result, bridge maintenance or bridge renewal measures can be optimally planned and unsafe bridges can be closed immediately in the event of danger.

Monitoring of bridge condition with radar

Your added value with radar


Reliable bridge monitoring.

  • Reliable monitoring of the bridge condition – even with strong temperature fluctuations, dust, rain, snow or fog.
  • Thanks to high measurement accuracy and sampling rate, our radar detects even small bridge vibrations.


Easy installation on the bridge.

  • Uncomplicated installation: The radar sensors can be attached to the bridge without additional construction work.
  • Retrofitting our radar sensors for bridge monitoring is very easy.


Low-maintenance bridge monitoring

  • Thanks to robust, low-maintenance radar technology, you benefit from a productive monitoring of bridges, galleries or tunnels.
  • Our contact-free radar solution is cost-effective compared to similar high-accuracy systems.

Application data bridge monitoring

Monitoring of bridges

Measurement accuracy

up to ±20 µm

Measurement range

0.2 to 10 m

Measurement rate

up to 300 Hz

Possible environmental conditions

Dust, dirt, smoke, fog, heat, cold, rain, snow, light reflections, wind etc.

Outputs & interfaces

Analog current loop (4–20 mA), digital switching outputs (3x push-pull), RS485 communication interface

Application focus

Bridges as well as other buildings and infrastructures - e. g. tunnels, mine galleries, etc.

Suitable radar sensors

OndoSense apex

Radar sensor for distance measurements with the highest precision and speed as well as a narrow opening angle for exact measurement results.

Customers in transport & logistics

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