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Experience our new radar sensor for collision avoidance & positioning.

Order the OndoSense reach WA radar sensor at an exclusive price.

Up to 4 zones – for flexible monitoring.

With up to 4 adjustable sensor zones, the OndoSense reach WA enables flexible, reliable monitoring of security areas.

The radar sensor is also suitable for reliable collision avoidance of mobile robots or other vehicles.

Detects in close range– from only 0.1 meters.

Our sensor detects obstacles such as vehicles, people and static objects even in close range from only 0.1 to at least 25 meters.

The robust radar always reliably detects objects, even outdoors or in difficult environments with dirt, smoke, steam or rain.

Smallest sensor – great performance.

With a length of just 92 mm and its M30 design, the OndoSense reach WA can be easily integrated even in confined spaces.

Thanks to its high measuring rate of up to 200 Hz, it always reliably detects obstacles, even during fast movements.

* Accessories available as a cost-free three-month loan. May be purchased at any time.

OndoSense reach radar sensor for distance measurement
OndoSense reach Radarsensor

EUR 759.-

Exclusive price per sensor (net)*
Data sheet (PDF)

Wide application range

Collision avoidance

Obstacle avoidance

Object detection


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