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Applications in shipping & offshore.

Solutions with radar sensors.

Our reliable and high-precision radar sensor solutions are suitable for a wide range of applications in the shipping and offshore industry: From position control and collision avoidance of port cranes, gantry cranes or container cranes to the detection and transit control of vehicles and the 3D collision avoidance of  automated guided vehicles (AGV) for container terminals. The innovative OndoSense radar technology works error-free even outdoors and in environments with smoke, fog, snow, dirt, dust, complicated lighting conditions or extreme temperatures. With our robust radar sensors, you will increase the productivity and safety of crane movements and unloading of ships as well as automate the work processes in port areas. Benefit from the reliable OndoSense radar technology for the shipping industry.

Position control of crane booms in port areas

  • Reliable position control of the crane booms of of gantry cranes, harbour cranes or container bridges – with radar.
  • The robust OndoSense radar sensor technology enables an accurate adjustment and positioning of cranes and crane trolleys.

Collision avoidance for gantry cranes or container cranes

  • Robust and precise radar sensors for collision avoidance of gantry cranes or container cranes.
  • With the reliable OndoSense radar technology you will prevent downtime and expensive repairs as a result of collisions.

Detection and passage control for vehicles with radar

  • Radar sensors for detecting passing vehicles (e.g. trains, trucks, cars) in the port area.
  • The robust radar technology is ideal for outdoor use and may be used to trigger barriers, as an example.

3D collision avoidance for automated container transport vehicles (AGV)

  • Reliable collision avoidance for automated guided vehicles (AGV) in container terminals and in the port area
  • Our 3D radar sensor also prevents collisions with objects that protrude into the route from below or above, even outdoors.

Your inquiry on our radar sensor solutions.

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Do you have questions on our radar sensor solutions and need to discuss your application case with our radar experts? Would you like to order or test our radar sensors for distance measurement or collision avoidance? The OndoSense team will provide you with answers, advise you on the use of radar sensors in your industrial environment and send you a quote.