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Collision avoidance in the mining industry for trucks and mobile machines. Our radar solution.

Avoiding collisions between mining vehicles is an important prerequisite for the safe, accident-free operation of underground or opencast mines. Collisions of mining vehicles or heavy mobile machinery pose a threat to smooth mining operations and regularly lead to serious personal accidents. Reliable collision avoidance sensors can address this challenge: The sensors prevent collision-related downtime of dump trucks, excavators, wheel loaders, drilling rigs and other vehicles and increase the safety, productivity and cost efficiency of the mining facility.

Our robust radar technology is ideally suited for the extreme mining environment. With the OndoSense radar sensors you can count on reliable collision avoidance even with strong temperature fluctuations, dust, dirt, steam, smoke, precipitation, light reflections or strong wind. Our precise, low-maintenance radar sensor always reliably detects obstacles within a defined safety distance, even in the harsh mining conditions. As a result, the vehicle can be stopped immediately to avoid collisions with obstacles. Prevent unplanned downtime in mining by using our sensors to avoid collisions with mining vehicles!

Collision avoidance in mining

Your added value with radar


Reliable anti-collision with radar.

  • Safe collision avoidance in environments with strong temperature fluctuations, vibrations or poor lighting.
  • Our radar sensor detects obstacles even in rain, fog, smoke, dirt or dust and is ideal for mining.


Low maintenance radar: ideal for mining.

  • Very little cleaning required, since our radar sensors measure reliably even with dust or dirt.
  • Reduced downtime and savings in repair costs through better protection of mining vehicles from collisions.


Safe & fast mining vehicles.

  • The high output rate of our radar (up to 100 Hz) enables safe collision avoidance even at high speeds.
  • The result: increased productivity of mining vehicles through faster, safer operations.

Application data collision avoidance mining

Collision avoidance mining

Measurement range

0.2 to 40 m

Measurement rate

up to 100 Hz

Possible environmental conditions

Strong temperature fluctuations, dust, dirt, smoke, fog, heat, cold, rain, snow, light reflections, wind etc.

Outputs & interfaces

Analog current loop (4–20 mA), digital switching outputs (3x push-pull), RS485 communication interface

Application focus

Collision avoidance for dump trucks, excavators, wheel loaders, drilling rigs and other vehicles or mobile machines in mining (underground mines and opencast mines)

Suitable radar sensors

OndoSense apex

Radar sensor for distance measurements with the highest precision and speed as well as a narrow opening angle for exact measurement results.

OndoSense reach

Compact, outdoor-proof radar sensor for reliable distance measurements with high precision and a wide measuring range.

Customers in the mining industry

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