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Applications in mechanical engineering.

Solutions with radar sensors.

OndoSense radar sensor solutions are suitable for various applications in mechanical and plant engineering: From thickness measurements of wood, plastic or metal panels and the non-destructive detection of objects in plastic or cardboard packaging to high-precision positioning of robot grippers as well as collision avoidance of robots in production. Our reliable radar technology works flawlessly, even in adverse industrial environments with smoke, steam, fire, heat and pollution. With OndoSense radar sensors you will increase the productivity of your industrial systems, reduce unplanned maintenance times for your machines and automate the work processes in the Industry 4.0. Benefit from the advantages of radar for your industrial applications in plant and mechanical engineering!

Positioning drones & mobile robots for cleaning or inspection

  • Reliable obstacle detection, collision avoidance and positioning of drones and mobile robots – e. g. for high-pressure cleaning or inspection tasks.
  • Our radar sensor ensures productive operations even in the most adverse conditions through quick positioning of mobile robots & drones.

Thickness measurement of wooden panels or metal products

  • Precise thickness measurement of wood panels, semi-finished metal products or plastic panels for quality control – with radar sensors.
  • Radar solution for automated, error-free dimension control in the production and processing of wood, metal or plastic products.

Non-destructive detection of hidden objects in packaging

  • Radar sensors for the reliable, non-destructive detection of objects – e. g. in plastic or cardboard packaging.
  • Automated, non-optical detection of missing product components for optimized quality control.

Distance control for the exact positioning of robot grippers

  • Continuous distance control for high-precision positioning of robot grippers with radar sensors.
  • With radar technology, robot grippers can grab fragile objects precisely without destroying them.

Collision avoidance of robots in production

  • Radar solution for safe collision avoidance between humans and machines for collaborative robots (cobots).
  • Our radar technology reduces unplanned downtime and increases cobot productivity by up to 50 percent.

Customers in mechanical & plant engineering

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