OndoSense radar sensors

High-precision, network-compatible, versatile

OndoSense stands for highest measuring precision. Even in cases where classic sensors and measuring methods are too inaccurate or fail. Our robust and compact OndoSense radar sensors are reliable even in harsh environments – they are able to measure through smoke, fire, fog, dust or packaging. Good to know: All OndoSense sensors can be operated as an intelligent sensor network in combination with the OndoNet software. In addition, you can integrate our pre-calibrated radar sensors into any PLC control. Any questions? Our dedicated OndoSense team will be happy to assist you!

preSENSE apex

OndoSense apex

Maximum precision – in every environment

Extreme measurement accuracy: up to 1 micrometer

Wide measuring range: from 0.1 to 5 meters

Unlicensed frequencies – no approval required

Intelligent sensor network with OndoNet software

OndoSense proxi

Measurements at close range – even in extreme environments

Very high measuring accuracy: up to 10 micrometer

Measurements at close range – 10 to 50 mm

Multichannel measurements with up to 4 measuring heads

Intelligent sensor network with OndoServer software

preSENSE proxi

OndoSense radar sensors

Application range

Dimension measurement and object positioning

Process automation and control

Detection of foreign particles and defects in products

Fill level monitoring – also through packaging

Reliable compliance of tolerance limits

Wear measurement and control

Layer thickness measurement from 0.05 mm

Predictive Maintenance

…more on applications

OndoSense radar sensors

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