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Great industrial radar sensors for distance measurement & more.

Profit from our ultra-precise & reliable radar technology for the Industry 4.0.

OndoSense realizes innovative radar sensor technology for a digitized industrial world. With sensor solutions based on high-precision, robust radar technology and smart sensor software, we ensure customers get relevant data for the intelligent control and monitoring of production plants and machines.

Whatever challenge our industrial radar sensors are confronted with – be it distance measurement, dimension measurement, collision avoidance, wear measurement, layer thickness measurement or process automation: OndoSense radar sensor technology always stands for highest measuring precision and a wide application and industry range. Even in cases where classic industrial sensors and measuring methods are too inaccurate or fail. Our robust and compact OndoSense radar sensors for distance measurement and collision avoidance are reliable even in harsh environments – they are able to measure through smoke, fire, fog, dust or packaging.

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Robust radar sensor for ultra-precise distance measurements.

OndoSense apex radar distance sensor.

Maximum measurement precision: Our industrial radar distance sensor offers a very high measurement precision of up to ±1 µm!

Wide measuring range: Our radar distance sensor offers a wide measuring range from 0.1 m to 6 m (long range version: 0.3 m to 40 m).

High measuring frequency: With our radar sensor for distance measurement, you benefit from a high measuring frequency of 300 Hz and more.

Very narrow opening angle: With an opening angle of only ±2°, our radar sensor for distance measurements enables focused, reliable measurements.

Compact radar sensor for reliable distance measurements.

OndoSense reach radar distance sensor.

Most compact radar sensor: The OndoSense reach is the most compact industrial radar sensor for distance measurements.

Widest measuring range: Our OndoSense reach radar distance sensor offers a wide measuring range from 0.3 m to 40 m.

High measurement precision: With our radar sensor for distance measurements, you benefit from a high measurement precision of ±1 mm.

Narrow opening angle: With an opening angle of ±3°, our radar distance sensor enables focused, reliable measurements.

3D radar sensor for collision avoidance.

OndoSense safesight 3D radar sensor.

OndoSense safesight 3D radar sensor for collision avoidance

Full 3D Collision Avoidance: With a radar opening angle of 110° (horizontal & vertical), low-lying objects or objects protruding from above are also detected.

Reliable in rough environments: The 3D radar sensor is also suitable in the most difficult conditions (outdoors, dirt, heat, cold, adverse lighting conditions, etc.).

Safe detection of human beings: With the OndoSense safesight 3D radar sensor, people are reliably detected without any data protection risk.

Low operating & maintenance costs: Since there are no moving parts, the robust OndoSense radar technology is very fail-safe.

Applications of our industrial radar sensors.

Our radar sensors provide solutions for your measurement challenge and industry.

Width measurement in the hot & cold rolling mill

Thickness measurement in the hot & cold rolling mill

Steel strip positioning in the coating line

Thickness measurement of metal or wood panels

Non-destructive detection of hidden objects

Collision avoidance of collaborative robots

Ground distance monitoring for farm implements

Height measurement of feed or fertilizer on conveyor

Height control of sprayer booms for tractors

Position control of crane booms & cranes

Collision avoidance for bridge or portal cranes

Height or passage control of vehicles

Positioning of gantry cranes or harbor cranes

Collision avoidance of container & gantry cranes

3D collision avoidance for container AGVs

Level monitoring of mining conveyor belt

Collision avoidance of heavy-duty gantry cranes

Collision avoidance for mining trucks

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