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OndoSense reach


Radar sensor for distance measurement & object detection.

Reliable & precise measurements – with great range!

OndoSense reach radar distance sensor

For outdoor & indoor applications in various industries and in farming.

OndoSense reach radar sensor.

Compact distance radar sensor with wide range – for indoor & outdoor use.

Our radar sensor for distance measurement and object detection offers reliable, precise measurements with a wide range. OndoSense reach is not only the most compact radar-based distance sensor: Its narrow opening angle of only ±3° ensures focused, interference-free measurements and enables a small measuring spot. With a measuring frequency of up to 100 Hz, the radar sensor enables a seamless acquisition of measured values, even in demanding applications. Thanks to our robust radar technology, the OndoSense reach distance radar is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications in agriculture, mining, transport and logistics, shipping and other industrial environments. Benefit from our innovative radar sensor technology for distance measurement, positioning and object detection, which combines robust measurement precision with highest reliability!

The unique performance, user-friendliness and reliability of the OndoSense reach radar sensor for distance measurement are based on in-depth industrial experience and many years of radar expertise of the OndoSense founders and former Fraunhofer associates. Discover the advantages of our unique radar-based industrial distance sensor technology!

The most compact radar sensor – and other advantages!

Our precise radar sensor offers a wide measuring range, a narrow opening angle – and much more.

Most compact radar sensor

The OndoSense reach is the most compact radar sensor for distance measurements. It fits into small spaces and is suitable for short measuring distances.

Widest measuring range

Our OndoSense reach radar sensor for distance measurement and object detection offers a wide measuring range from 0.3 m to 40 m.

High precision

With the OndoSense reach radar sensor for distance measurement and object detection you will benefit from a high measurement precision of ±1 mm.

Narrow opening angle

With an opening angle of only ±3°, which is very narrow for radar sensors, our radar distance sensor enables focused and reliable measurements with minimal interference.

100 Hz measuring rate

For some applications, the measuring rate can be decisive: With the OndoSense reach distance radar sensor, you will benefit from a measuring speed of up to 100 Hz.

Robust radar technology

Our OndoSense reach radar sensor for distance measurements and object detection enables reliable measurement results even in dust, fog, rain, smoke or adverse light.

Large range of applications – indoors & outdoors.

Our radar sensor for distance measurements supports numerous applications.

Detection of objects & vehicles

Detection of passing trains or trucks – e.g. for vehicle counting

Detection of trucks and cars for height or passage control

Non-destructive, non-optical presence detection of objects

Position control & height monitoring

Position control of cranes and crane booms

Height control of sprayer boom for agricultural machinery

Position control of pipes or drill rods

Distance measurement of objects & vehicles

Controlling the distance of combine headers or tractor implements to the soil

Distance measurements from crane grabs to loading goods (e.g. containers)

Measurement of distance to objects through packaging or plastic layers

Collision avoidance & obstacle detection

Collision avoidance for cranes – e.g. gantry or bridge cranes

Collision avoidance for specialized trucks in mining

Collision avoidance for vehicles in farming

Level measurement & throughput measurement

Monitoring the level of liquids and solids

Point level & throughput measurement of bulk solids on conveyors

Continuous outdoor measurement of river or wave heights

Condition or status control via switching outputs

Configuration of 3 push-pull outputs for object classification and detection

Single point (1 switching point) & window function (2 switching points)

Optimized output stability through hysteresis – e.g. in case of unsteady distance measurements in the vicinity of the switching point

Industry range of our radar sensors



Mining industry


Transport & logistics


Shipping & offshore


Mechanical & plant engineering


Metal & steel industry


Energy sector


...other industries


Robust, insensitive radar sensors.

Our radar sensors are insensitive to dust, fog, rain, smoke or adverse light.

The OndoSense reach radar sensor for distance measurement, object detection and positioning enables reliable and precise measurement results – even with dirt, smoke, steam, rain, snow, poor lighting conditions, flashes of light or rough surfaces. Thanks to our robust radar technology, the distance radar is an ideal choice for outdoor applications in agriculture, mining, transport and logistics, shipping or other applications in industrial environments.

You are looking for a radar sensor for distance measurements in harsh conditions - e. g. in the metalworking industry? Our OndoSense apex radar sensor for ultra-precise distance measurements is the perfect choice for the most extreme industrial environments!

Adverse light: no influence

Dust & smoke: no influence

Rain & snow: no influence

Technical data

OndoSense reach

Radar frequency

122 GHz

Opening angle

±3 °

Measurement range

0.3 – 40 m

Measurement rate

up to 100 Hz

Output rate

up to 10 ms / 100 Hz

Measurement precision

±1 mm

Communication interface

RS485; Profinet and other interfaces via gateway

Switching output

3x push-pull (PNP/NPN)

Analog output

Current loop (4 – 20 mA)

Protection class


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