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Our radar solutions offers a safe collision avoidance for bridge cranes or portal cranes.

Reliable, contact-free sensor solutions for collision avoidance and automation are essential for the productive and accident-free operation of bridge cranes, portal cranes or stacking cranes. If the crane goes below a defined safety margin, this clearance distance must be detected safely at all times in order to stop the crane movement automatically and prevent downtime due to accidents. Our radar sensor solution reliably detects the crane distance even in challenging environments and gradually reduces the speed of the portal or bridge crane in defined distance zones up to the emergency stop in the safety zone.

Our robust radar technology offers decisive advantages compared to other systems for collision prevention of crane systems: With OndoSense radar sensors, you will achieve dependable measurement results even outdoors and in challenging environments with dust, dirt, steam, smoke, precipitation, cold, heat, light reflections or strong wind. As a result, our radar technology offers a reliable solution for collision avoidance and automation of cranes.

Your added value with radar


Measures error-free in any environment.

  • Radar also supports demanding crane jobs with strong temperature fluctuations, vibrations or poor lighting conditions.
  • Our radar sensor is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Rain, fog, smoke or dust are not an issue.


Minimal maintenance costs with radar.

  • Reduced maintenance costs: Radar has no moving parts, works contactless and requires almost no cleaning.
  • Additional savings potential through predictive maintenance based on long-term evaluation of the signal strength.


Safe, speedy loading and unloading.

  • Our radar enables fast crane movements through precise measurements (±1 mm) with a high measuring frequency (100 Hz).
  • Radar also measures speed: With this information, the crane monitoring can be optimized even further.

Application data crane collision avoidance

Collision avoidance for bridge cranes

Measurement range

0.2 to 40 m

Measurement rate

up to 100 Hz

Possible environmental conditions

Heavy dust, dirt, smoke, fog, heat, cold, rain, snow, light reflections, wind etc.

Outputs & interfaces

Analog current loop (4–20 mA), digital switching outputs (3x push-pull), RS485 communication interface

Application focus

Portal and bridge cranes in industrial plants, port facilities, container terminals, freight yards, etc.

Suitable radar sensors

OndoSense apex

Radar sensor for distance measurements with the highest precision and speed as well as a narrow opening angle for exact measurement results.

OndoSense reach

Compact, outdoor-proof radar sensor for reliable distance measurements with high precision and a wide measuring range.

Customers in transport & logistics

Your inquiry on our radar sensor solutions.

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