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Applications in transport & logistics.

Solutions with radar sensors.

OndoSense radar sensor solutions cover various applications in the transport and logistics industry: From the positioning and collision avoidance of crane booms and cranes to the detection of passing trains and the height and passage control of vehicles to 3D collision avoidance of automated guided vehicles (AGV). Our robust radar technology always works reliably, even outdoors and in environments with rain, snow, dirt, dust, difficult lighting conditions, cold and heat. With OndoSense radar sensors you will enhance your productivity in the transport sector, increase the reliability of your means of transport or cranes and automate the work processes in logistics. Discover the advantages of radar technology for the transport and logistics industry!

Position control of crane booms and cranes

  • Reliable position control of the crane booms of construction cranes, container cranes or harbor cranes – with radar.
  • Our robust radar technology facilitates precise crane boom alignment and prevents collisions or accidents.

Collision avoidance for portal and bridge cranes

  • OndoSense radar sensors offer collision avoidance for bridge cranes, portal cranes, overhead cranes and other cranes.
  • With our robust radar technology, you will avoid downtime and expensive repair costs for accidents caused by collisions.

Detection of passing vehicles with radar

  • Radar sensors for the precise detection of passing vehicles such as trains, trucks or cars.
  • The low-maintenance, robust radar system can be used, among other things, for reliable vehicle counting or to trigger barriers.

Height or passage control of vehicles

  • Radar sensors for reliable height or passage control of vehicles e.g. trucks, cars or special vehicles in mining.
  • Our radar technology is suitable as a trigger for gates or barriers as well as for access control. It also works flawlessly outdoors.

Monitoring of bridge safety with radar

  • Radar technology for continuous or selective monitoring of the structural integrity of bridges.
  • Assessment of the bridge status by analyzing the deflection of the bridge under load via ultra-precise radar sensors.

3D collision avoidance for automated guided vehicles (AGV)

  • Reliable collision avoidance for automated guided vehicles – even in challenging environments or outdoors.
  • The 3D radar prevents collisions with objects that protrude into the route from below or above and detects people without any data protection risk.

Precise speed measurement of AGVs

  • Doppler radar technology for high-precision speed measurement of AGVs.
  • OndoSense radar speed measurement enables safe navigation of AGVs and a productive operating environment.

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