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Applications in farming & agriculture.

Solutions with radar sensors.

OndoSense radar sensor solutions are suitable for a wide variety of applications in farming & agriculture: From monitoring the ground clearance of combine harvesters and continuous throughput measurement of fertilizer on the conveyor belt to sprayer boom height control and collision avoidance for combine harvesters or tractors. Our robust and low-maintenance radar technology is insensitive to rain, snow, dust, fog, cold and heat. This makes radar the ideal sensor technology for agricultural machinery and off-highway applications. OndoSense radar sensors help increase the productivity of your agricultural machinery and the yield of your fields, reduce the use of fertilizers or pesticides and automate as well as optimize work processes in farming.

Sprayer boom height control for optimized field use

  • Reliable height control of the field sprayer through precise detection of the distance between spray nozzle and soil using radar sensors.
  • Controlled plant growth and cost savings through optimized use of the sprayed liquids (e. g. fertilizer, pesticides or other fluids).

Positioning of manure or barn robots with radar

  • Radar solution for safe positioning, obstacle detection and collision avoidance of mobile robots in agriculture.
  • Our radar is also suitable for adverse environments with dust, mud or water vapor – ideal for cleaning or stable robots.

Ground clearance monitoring for agricultural machinery

  • Continuous ground clearance monitoring for automated height adjustment of combine harvester headers or tractor implements.
  • Our robust radar solution ensures automated processes and productive use of agricultural machinery and implements in the field.

Height measurement of feed or fertilizer on conveyors

  • High-precision height measurement of bulk solids (e. g. fertilizer, feed or seeds) on the conveyor belt with radar sensors.
  • Radar solution enables enhanced product quality through contact-free, accurate determination of bulk material dosing.

Collision avoidance for combine harvesters or tractors

Collision avoidance for combine harvesters or tractors
  • Radar sensors for the reliable identification of objects, persons or obstacles to avoid accidents with combine harvesters or tractors.
  • Thanks to radar technology, production downtime or expensive repair costs for damages caused by collisions can be avoided.

Customers in farming & agriculture

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