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OndoSense was founded by recognized Fraunhofer radar experts with many years of experience in industrial radar development. Thanks to the extensive radar expertise of its associates, OndoSense knows how to make use of radar technology and radar sensor in industrial environments. OndoSense radar sensors can be used in many industrial applications – be it for distance and dimension measurement, level measurement, process automation or collision avoidance. We are sharing our know-how so you can learn how to achieve the best results with radar technology in your industrial environment.

Tutorial: distance measurement with radar

For the optimal use of our radar sensors for distance measurement, we have summarized the most important practical radar tips for you. This way, your radar will give you the best results in your production environment.

Spot size calculator for radar sensors

Calculate the measuring spot of your radar sensor depending on the distance to the target object in just a few clicks! Just select your OndoSense radar sensor or enter the opening angle and lens diameter of your radar sensor.

FMCW radar: the basics

OndoSense lets you profit from the latest FMCW radar technology and innovative FMCW radar algorithms. Learn more about the underlying measuring principle and how FMCW radar sensors work!

What is radar?

What is radar? What can radar sensors perform and how does radar technology work? Learn more in our brief insight into the basics of radar sensing.