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Our radar solution offers reliable height control of the sprayer boom – for efficient spraying.

Height control systems for sprayer booms of agricultural machines enable an efficient distribution of fertilizer, pesticides and other spray fluids on the field. Our reliable radar technology is ideally suited for precisely adjusting the distance between spray nozzle and soil. The OndoSense radar sensors detect the distance to the soil or plant with high precision and great speed — even with spray mist or dirt. This allows controlled plant growth and saves costs through the optimal use of the spraying liquid. The environment is also preserved. In addition, the driver no longer has to manually adjust the height of the sprayer boom, meaning a higher working speed is possible. This leads to increased productivity when using the field sprayer.

With our robust radar technology, you will achieve reliable measurement results at all times even in the challenging environment of farming and agriculture. Benefit from our radar technology for the precise height control of the sprayer boom of agricultural machines!

Your added value with radar


Efficient use of the spray fluid.

  • Reduced costs through resource-saving, efficient use of the spray fluid – for optimal plant growth.
  • Thanks to precise measurements (±1 mm) with a high measuring rate (up to 100 Hz), our radar enables precise positioning of the field sprayer at any time.


Faster, low-maintenance operation.

  • More productivity through faster application, because the driver no longer has to adjust the height of the sprayer boom.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: Radar has no moving parts, works contactless and requires almost no cleaning.


Measures error-free in any environment.

  • Our radar technology is weather-independent: Spray mist and dirt deposit have virtually no effect on the measurement result.
  • Reduced wind dispersal loss: Radar sensors are not affected by wind – unlike ultrasonic sensors.

Application data sprayer boom height

Height control of sprayer boom

Measurement accuracy

±1 mm

Measurement range

0.2 to 5 m

Measurement rate

up to 100 Hz

Possible environmental conditions

Spray mist, heavy dust, dirt, mud, smoke, heat, cold, rain or snow, etc.

Measured product

Arable soil of any condition (dry, dusty, muddy) or cultivated plant

Application focus

Crop farming, fruit growing or viticulture (plant protection and fertilization)

Suitable radar sensors

OndoSense reach

Compact, outdoor-proof radar sensor for reliable distance measurements with high precision and a wide measuring range.

Customers in farming & agriculture

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