Our Team

Find out more about the dedicated OndoSense team

Our experts for industrial radar sensor solutions will make your project a lasting success! OndoSense has proven sensor technology specialists with an interdisciplinary focus. The expertise of our associates includes both radar sensor hardware and sensor software development, sensor networking, signal processing algorithms and embedded software. Through the close integration of the various software and hardware competencies, we provide customers with a comprehensive sensor solution that meets the highest demands. Are you interested in joining OndoSense? Our rapidly growing company is continuously looking for committed employees to strengthen the OndoSense team.

Mathias Klenner, Ph.D. (Managing Director)

Founder, Managing Director and specialist for radar sensor software and algorithms.

Axel Hülsmann, Ph.D. (CTO)

Founder, CTO and expert for radar sensor development and hardware.

Fabian Bässgen (Senior Embedded Engineer)

Develops the embedded software and hardware of the OndoSense sensors.

Lars Clad (Head of Business Development)

Responsible for business development & strategic portfolio management. Likes to be out on the bike and is always up for a kite surfing holiday.

Johannes Klenner (Senior Software Engineer)

Responsible for software, algorithms and sensor networking.

Norbert Klenner, Ph.D. (Head of Artificial Intelligence)

Responsible for the development and implementation of AI algorithms for radar sensors. Enjoys traveling, playing classical guitar, and high-quality wines.

Ina Koop (Radar Systems Engineer)

Works on the further development of our radar sensors and tends to topics such as robotics and usability. Loves digging and smashing the volleyball.

Sven Reichling (Software Engineer)

A cooking philosopher who works on the further development of the sensor software. Draws and plays the flute.

Carlos Ries (Head of Mechanical Engineering)

Responsible for mechanical product development. Enjoys going on road trips through the Alps on his mountain bike.

Jan Spaniol (Head of Sales)

Jan Spaniol is responsible for sales and is the central customer contact.

Michael Teiwes (Head of Marketing & PR)

Responsible for marketing and public relations. Enjoys extensive mountain runs and trails in the Alps and the Black Forest.

Silas Zimmermann (Software Engineer)

Develops and optimizes our sensor software and thus ensures fast and highly reliable measurements.