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More productivity for your business. With radar.

Our industrial radar sensors have countless applications.

OndoSense offers ultra-precise, robust and dependable industrial radar sensors for a variety of applications and industries. If needed, we will work out a customized radar sensor solution for your application together with you in a proof of concept. Our radar technology offers solutions adapted to industries such as the metal & steel industry, transport & logistics, mining, mechanical and plant engineering, farming & agriculture, shipping & offshore, food & packaging, energy sector, chemicals & pharmaceuticals, automotive as well as environment, recycling & water management.

Our industrial radar sensor technology is suitable for various measurement challenges, e. g. distance measurement, dimension measurement, collision avoidance, presence detection, object detection, level measurement, wear measurement, layer thickness measurement, speed measurement, positioning or factory automation. Contact our radar experts now to get more information on radar solutions for your application case!

Width measurement in the hot & cold rolling mill

Thickness measurement in the hot & cold rolling mill

Steel strip positioning in the coating line

Thickness measurement of metal or wood panels

Non-destructive detection of hidden objects

Collision avoidance of collaborative robots

Ground distance monitoring for farm implements

Height measurement of feed or fertilizer on conveyor

Height control of sprayer booms for tractors

Position control of crane booms & cranes

Collision avoidance for bridge or portal cranes

Height or passage control of vehicles

Positioning of gantry cranes or harbor cranes

Collision avoidance of container & gantry cranes

3D collision avoidance for container AGVs

Level monitoring of mining conveyor belt

Collision avoidance of heavy-duty gantry cranes

Collision avoidance for mining trucks

Position control of drilling rods or tubes

Wear monitoring for combined heat & power plants

Precise contactless level control of beverages

Level monitoring of vegetables on conveyor belt

Distance control of washing nozzles

Collision avoidance in car washing

Continuous level monitoring of river height

Measurement of wave heights

Your inquiry on our radar sensor solutions.

Please contact us now for advice & quotes.

Do you have questions on our radar sensor solutions and need to discuss your application case with our radar experts? Would you like to order or test our radar sensors for distance measurement or collision avoidance? The OndoSense team will provide you with answers, advise you on the use of radar sensors in your industrial environment and send you a quote.