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Exceptional industrial radar sensors for more productivity.

Our radar sensors offer high performance, precision & speed. Even in rough conditions.

OndoSense realizes breakthrough radar sensor technology for a digitized industrial world. With sensor solutions based on high-precision, robust radar technology and smart sensor software, we ensure customers get relevant data for the intelligent control and monitoring of production plants and machines. With our OndoSense apex and OndoSense reach radar sensors for distance measurements, you will benefit from the highest accuracy and measurement speed combined with an extremely robust radar technology for harsh industrial environments. The smart distance radar sensors provide great configuration features, a unique range of industrial applications and a wide measuring range.

Applications of our radar technology.

Our industrial radar sensors support countless applications in a wide variety of industries.

Width measurement in the hot & cold rolling mill

Thickness measurement in the hot & cold rolling mill

Steel strip positioning in the coating line

Thickness measurement of metal or wood panels

Non-destructive detection of hidden objects

Collision avoidance of collaborative robots

Ground distance monitoring for farm implements

Height measurement of feed or fertilizer on conveyor

Height control of sprayer booms for tractors

Position control of crane booms & cranes

Collision avoidance for bridge or portal cranes

Height or passage control of vehicles

Positioning of gantry cranes or harbor cranes

Collision avoidance of container & gantry cranes

3D collision avoidance for container AGVs

Level monitoring of mining conveyor belt

Collision avoidance of heavy-duty gantry cranes

Collision avoidance for mining trucks


Robust, insensitive radar technology.

Get reliable measurements in dust, smoke, fog, rain or adverse light.

Our radar technology for distance measurement and collision avoidance enables reliable measurement results at all times. Even when optical sensor technologies reach their limits: e. g. with dirt, smoke, steam, rain, snow, poor lighting conditions, extreme temperatures or rough surfaces. Thanks to robust radar algorithms, our insensitive radar sensors are the ideal choice for challenging production environments.

Our customers.

Some of the customers and partners that trust in our industrial radar sensor solutions.

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