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Highly accurate filling level measurement

Reliable & highly precise filling level monitoring

Cost savings with fill level sensors for tanks, filling systems or industrial filters

Our ultra-precise sensor solution offers reliable level control of liquids and solids - even in challenging production environments. Thanks to the robust OndoSense radar sensors, the filling level of bottling plants, tanks, silos or dust collectors of industrial filters (etc.) can be measured with the highest measuring accuracy. This reduces costs, increases plant productivity and enables continuous fill level monitoring in real time.

The challenge

Lack of robustness & measurement precision

Many measurement technologies reach their limit when it comes to recording fill levels continuously and contactlessly in harsh conditions. In adverse lighting, dirt, fog and very high or low temperatures, conventional photoelectric sensors, capacitive sensors or sound sensors are often no longer able to measure reliably or with sufficient precision. In silos, for example, fine particles of bulk goods can contaminate the lenses of laser sensors and prevent or falsify level measurements. Also, the level monitoring of dust containers for industrial filter systems with often oily and metal-containing aerosols requires sensor technologies of the highest reliability, robustness and, last but not least, compactness. And for filling systems in the food industry or the pharmaceutical industry, space-saving sensors are required that offer maximum measurement accuracy at close range.

The solution

Reliable, precise & compact level sensors

Our radar sensor solution enables continuous level monitoring in extremely challenging production environments such as e. g. silos, tanks, filling systems or dust collectors of filter systems: The robust radar technology allows ultra-precise and reliable measurements at any time, even with extreme light conditions, dust and aerosols, smoke, moisture, vibrations or extreme temperatures. Due to the space-saving design and the ability to measure at close range from a distance of 10 cm, the OndoSense radar technology is ideal for level measurements in narrow containers and geometries. For example, in dust collectors of industrial filter systems with oily metal particles, the fill level is measured from a short distance with high precision and reliability. This enables a level monitoring with very low maintenance costs. The OndoSense radar sensor system is also ideally suited for the highly precise level control of pharmaceutical products or beverages. Using our radar sensor, the fill level data can be transmitted to the target group in real time and linked to other sensors as well as machines or fed directly into the ERP. As a result, costs can be saved by optimizing inventory and resource requirements.

OndoSense Radarsensorlösungen

Products & solutions

OndoSense apexrobust, high-precision radar sensor for challenging production conditions

OndoNet software – cloud-based sensor control and networking, algorithms for data evaluation

Industry range

Agriculture & agribusiness (silos)

Food industry (bottling plants)

Chemical & pharmaceutical industry (filling plants)

Manufacturing industry (dust collectors of filter systems)

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