Ultra-precise radar sensor & convenient sensor control – in a bundle

OndoSense apex – Evaluation Kit

With the OndoSense apex Evaluation Kit, you benefit from the highest precision as well as from a simple and fast sensor control – in an attractive overall package. The radar sensor can directly be used for applications such as distance measurements after the straightforward installation of the OndoNet sensor software. OndoSense can help you implement customized solutions, if needed.

Our OndoSense apex radar sensor (Evaluation Version) provides maximum measuring accuracy: It can measure distances and positions of objects with an accuracy of up to 1 micrometer! Thanks to radar technology, the sensor is able to measures through smoke, fire, fog, dust or packaging and is a perfect choice for harsh environments. Its wide measuring range of 0.1 to 1 meters makes it suitable for various applications. 

With the OndoNet sensor software (Evaluation Version), you profit from a straightforward, user-friendly and fast configuration and control of your OndoSense radar sensors. A setup wizard will guide you through configuration parameters such as measuring range, sensor setting and sensor calibration in just a few clicks. Any questions? Our dedicated OndoSense team will be happy to assist you!

Key features of radar sensor

OndoSense apex – Evaluation Version

Extreme measurement accuracy: up to 1 micrometer

Measuring range: from 0.1 to 1 meters

Predestined for harsh environments with robust design

Radar measures through smoke, fire, fog, dust and packaging

Compact sensor dimensions, pre-calibrated sensors

Easy handling, dedicated support

Key features of sensor software

OndoNet software – Evaluation Version

Easy configuration through practical setup wizard

Intuitive user interface with many features

Tablet & smartphone compatible via web-based app

Installation on Windows or Linux – hosting via OndoSense possible

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