OndoSense apex distance radar

New radar sensor enables micrometer-precise distance measurement – even in the harshest environments


  • Ultra-precise, reliable & fast – even with dirt, smoke, oil mist, etc.
  • With 0.1 to 50 meters widest measuring range & lowest blind range
  • Proven interfaces: IO-Link, 4-20 mA, switching outputs, RS485

Freiburg (Germany), 11 January 2021 – German tech startup OndoSense has launched an ultra-precise radar sensor for distance measurement, which reliably measures even in the most difficult industrial environments with dirt, smoke, oil mist or adverse light at all times. With a measurement accuracy of up to one micrometer and a measuring frequency of 300 Hertz, the OndoSense apex is not only the most precise and fastest distance radar on the market: With 0.1 to 50 meters, it also offers the widest measuring range as well as the lowest blind range of comparable distance radars. Thanks to IO-Link, RS485, an analog current interface (4–20 mA) and three digital switching outputs (PNP/NPN), customers benefit from high-performance industrial interfaces for data transmission to the machine control (PLC).

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The new OndoSense apex is here

OndoSense apex

New OndoSense apex – greatest measurement precision

The new OndoSense apex radar sensor offers maximum measurement accuracy. And this also in environments in which classic measurement methods are too imprecise or fail. You can always rely on the robust and cost-effective OndoSense radar sensor in difficult work environments: It measures through smoke, fire, fog, dust or packaging.

The OndoSense apex is suitable for many applications, for example for measuring and positioning workpieces, for checking wear or for regulating filling levels.