Micrometer measurement precision is easy.

With our Evaluation Kit!

With the OndoSense apex Evaluation Kit, you benefit from the highest precision as well as from a simple and fast sensor control – in an attractive overall package. The radar sensor can directly be used for applications such as distance measurements after the straightforward installation of the OndoNet sensor software. OndoSense can help you implement customized solutions, if needed.

The new OndoSense apex – maximum measuring precision

The new OndoSense apex radar sensor offers maximum measuring accuracy – even in environments where traditional measurement methods are too imprecise or simply fail. The robust and cost-effective OndoSense radar sensor can be relied upon at all times, even in difficult working environments: it measures through smoke, fire, fog, dust or packaging.

The OndoSense apex is suitable for many applications, for example for the measurement and positioning of workpieces, for the control of wear or for the monitoring of filling levels.