Highly accurate dimension measurement in the metal industry

Radar sensor solution for the reliable measurement of slabs and workpieces


OndoSense radar sensors enable highly accurate dimensional measurements of metal workpieces or hot slabs – even in difficult production environments with smoke, steam, fire or dirt. A wide range of geometric measurements are possible thanks to sensor networking, e. g. length, width, thickness measurement and edge measurement. In this way, our radar sensor solution can help determine the need for raw material, reduce waste and thus reduce the production costs of metal-producing and processing companies.

Hot metal slabs in production. ©rukhmalev –  Adobe Stock

The challenge

Measurements in extreme conditions

Whether in metal production, in the rolling mill or in the further processing of steel, light and non-ferrous metals: Due to production conditions that can sometimes be extreme, the highly precise and reliable geometric measurement of slabs and semi-finished metal products is often a challenging task for sensor solutions. Adverse lighting conditions, steam, dust and temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Celsius and beyond make it difficult to automatically measure dimensions and flatness or to inspect workpieces made of steel, copper, aluminum and other metals. This applies in particular to light-sensitive optical sensor systems such as lasers, laser scanners or camera-based systems. For the metal industry, dimension measurement and inspection of workpieces is of great importance to determine raw material requirements, reduce rejects and save production costs. This requires innovative sensor technologies that deliver reliable data even under difficult conditions.

The solution

Ultra-precise measurements with radar sensors

OndoSense sensor solutions enable highly reliable measurement results in the often challenging production environments of the metal industry. Thanks to robust radar technology, the sensors measure with micrometer precision even when it has to cope with water vapor, dust, smoke, fire or challenging lighting conditions. Dirt particles on the radar lens also have no disruptive influence on the measurement results. The radar sensor system thus offers decisive advantages over optical systems. For example, OndoSense radar sensor technology enables highly precise dimension measurements of copper, aluminum or steel slabs that are up to 1000 degrees hot. By interconnecting several radar sensors via the OndoNet sensor software, OndoSense covers a wide variety of geometric measurements of semi-finished metal products and slabs – e.g. length, width and thickness measurements, edge detection and measurement as well as deflection measurement. Furthermore, our sensor technology allows the flatness or planarity measurement of metal workpieces and the inspection of the thickness of plastic sheathing of metal pipes. Thus, the ultra-precise OndoSense radar sensor solution helps to determine the raw material requirements, reduce waste and, as a result, to lower production costs.

Steel coil in metal processing. ©jovannig - Adobe Stock
OndoSense radar sensor solutions

Products & solutions

OndoSense apexrobust, high-precision radar sensor for challenging production conditions

OndoNet software – cloud-based sensor control and networking, algorithms for data evaluation

Industry range

Steel and metal producing industry

Metalworking industry

Metal industry

Automotive industry

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