Our new PreSENSE radar sensor

Maximum precision in any environment

preSENSE Radar System

  • Our highly precise radar sensors can be implemented even in settings where conventional measurement procedures may be inexact or not functioning at all. They work contactless, stay reliable in spite of extreme conditions and are yet cost-effective.
  • preSENSE is a.o. used for the dimension measurement and positioning of workpieces, for wear control and fill level regulation.



  • With our new preSENSE radar system we achieved measurement accuracy up to one micrometer for the first time, working in license-free frequency bands.
  • By using innovative algorithms, preSENSE can be used for close range measurements in contrast to conventional radar systems while at the same time allowing compact system dimensions.
  • preSENSE can be implemented standalone or as part of an intelligent sensor network in combination with our efficient OndoServer software.
  • Simple handling and pre-calibrated sensors as well as our highly motivated support team ensure a smooth start into future oriented radar technology.